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Dr Rufner is a man outstanding in his field.He has improved my situation exponentially.He is a very decent human being.Id reccomended him to anyone.

P.C. Google

Great experience. Dr. Rufner was very down to earth and explained the procedure in a way that we all understood. The hardest part, was in the waiting room where a couple people I think were from Mars. Had a good 30 minute nap at IT WAS OVER.

M.P. Google

Efficient and friendly...professional and on time. A good experience

W.P. Google

Procedure was professional. But even tho I followed the prep directions to a T, my system was not fully prepped for the colonoscopy. Therefore, the doctor couldn’t see much of my colon. I continued to have diarrhea for four more days. Also, the first nurse couldn’t insert one, and then two blood ports in my right hand, the second nurse installed a port successfully on my left hand on the first try. It was a difficult day, made more difficult by these near misses.

J.D. Google

A very good experience

F.L. Google


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Why Choose Colorado Gastroenterology?

If you’re dealing with acid reflux or you can’t seem to control the constant gurgling in your stomach, you aren’t the only one. At Colorado Gastroenterology, we’re committed to providing the Denver, CO community a place to turn for their GI issues, whether they’re big or small. Our teams take a compassionate approach to digestive healthcare. Let our board-certified gastrointestinal specialists provide the comprehensive care you need at an affordable price.

About Colorado GI

Colonoscopy: Detection is the Cure

Early detection from a Colonoscopy can be life saving and critical to your digestive health. When you schedule an appointment with our GI physicians in Denver, CO for a Colonoscopy, we make sure to provide solutions that empower you to live your life on your terms. We know that you’re looking for someone you can trust. Your path to digestive wellness is in reach. Schedule an appointment with a member of our team to learn why we’re a trusted source for Colonoscopies and GI health throughout the area.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Get Your Life Back On Track

You shouldn’t have to worry about your digestive system getting in the way of your life. Let our gastroenterologists in Denver, CO provide you with the reliable condition management for Inflammatory Bowel Disease you need to get your life back. From routine colonoscopies to advanced treatments, we have the experience and skill necessary to assist with a variety of IBD symptoms, problems, and issues. Give yourself the gift of freedom by connecting with one of our GI specialists at Colorado Gastroenterology today.

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