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Ileitis is a GI condition characterized by swelling or discomfort of the ileum, the lowest portion in the small bowel that meets the large intestine. Associated effects of ileitis may involve the following:

  • Loss of weight
  • Cramping or discomfort in one's abdomen, or fistulas (unusual channels that grow between parts of one's intestine)
  • Diarrhea

Ileitis might be a result of a number of conditions, though Crohn's disease is the most common. Other causes may be infections, effects of ischemia, NSAIDs, and atypical growths. If you need care for ileitis in Denver, CO, help is close by. Get the treatment you require by consulting with a GI provider at your local Colorado Gastroenterology location today.

Identifying the main cause of ileitis is vital to effectively address this gastrointestinal condition and to determine the treatment plan selected by your gastroenterologist. Your provider will assess your medical history and perform a thorough physical examination. A comprehensive set of exams may also be ordered to verify the diagnosis, which might include stool analysis, X-rays, barium X-rays of the small intestine, CT scan, colonoscopy (a narrow lighted tube inserted into the anus for a close examination), and biopsy.

Should you feel that ileitis might be causing you pain, contact Colorado Gastroenterology to schedule a consultation with a gastrointestinal physician who can provide you with an appropriate treatment plan.

Based on the findings of diagnostic tests, ileitis could be treated and managed with medications, including antibiotics, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatories, antidiarrheal, and/or immunosuppressant medications, as well as supplements to reduce inflammation and control-related symptoms. Surgery can be considered if symptoms are not controlled via medications or if complications develop. Surgery can be used to excise any diseased section(s) and fix intestinal bleeding. It is important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, get regular exercise, consume healthy foods, and quit or avoid smoking.

For further information about treatments for ileitis in Denver, CO, contact us to schedule a visit with our digestive health specialists.

You don’t have to struggle with inflammation and irritation on a daily basis. To learn more about receiving ileitis treatment in Denver, CO, and the lifestyle improvements you can make to help yourself recover, connect with our group of gastrointestinal providers at your earliest convenience. Please contact Colorado Gastroenterology to request an appointment.

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Dr. Sieja listened to what was ailing me during my visit and straightforward on what needed to be done next. I was happy with my visit.

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