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A small bowel capsule endoscopy involves a procedure using endoscopy wherein a pill-sized capsule (which has a camera and a battery in it) is swallowed by the patient and is then employed to take numerous photos of the small bowel or intestine. Approximately 60,000 images are taken which, when compiled, essentially make a "movie" of the patients' small intestine.

At Colorado Gastroenterology, a small bowel pill endoscopy procedure is usually used to identify the cause of inexplicable bleeding or anemia. It can be conducted to evaluate the small bowel to further evaluate an abnormal x-ray, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. Reach out to our GI physicians in Denver, CO to schedule a capsule endoscopy to ensure your intestinal health is maintained.

You will be given instructions from your GI doctor in regard to the necessary preparation for your capsule endoscopy. In most cases, patients will be allowed to eat normally the day prior to the procedure. You will likely be instructed to refrain from taking anything via your mouth the night before the capsule endoscopy. It is imperative to adhere to the instructions given to you by your GI physician. There may also be additional instructions regarding your medications. In the majority of situations, your medications will be resumed as usual a few hours following ingestion of the pill capsule. However, in certain situations, especially with patients on blood thinners (such as anti-inflammatories, aspirin, warfarin, Coumadin®, Plavix®) and those with diabetes, specialized direction will be given.

You will be asked to arrive at the office or endoscopy center 30 minutes prior to your scheduled exam. This is to allow time to fill out patient forms and prepare for the capsule endoscopy exam. You will be directed to wear a vest, which holds the monitors that will receive the transmitted pictures. After the vest is in place, the pill capsule will be activated and then you will swallow it.

After the pill capsule is swallowed, you will have the option to leave the endoscopy office. You will wear the vest for the subsequent eight hours. You will be allowed to consume clear liquids once two hours have passed following the exam and can eat a regular meal after four hours. After the eight hours, you will return to the endoscopy center and the vest will be removed. To hear more about undergoing a capsule endoscopy in Denver, CO, please schedule a consultation with one of four GI specialists at at your earliest convenience.

After the procedure at Colorado Gastroenterology is completed, the pictures received from the capsule will be downloaded into a software program that creates a "movie" of your small bowel. It might take your GI specialist several hours to completely review these pictures. Exam results are typically available inside of a week in our Denver, CO office. You will be contacted by the ordering specialist's office with your results once they are ready.

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Are there any risks with a capsule endoscopy?

Overall, the small bowel capsule endoscopy is quite a safe procedure. Overall, complications develop in less than 1% of patients. Most complications are not life-threatening, but in the event that a complication occurs, it might require a hospital stay. In advance of the exam, a consent form will be reviewed with the patient by the Colorado Gastroenterology nursing staff.

One possible risk is that the pill capsule could get stuck in the intestine, causing an obstruction. This would typically necessitate surgery and a hospital stay.

It is essential to contact us at Colorado Gastroenterology right away if any symptoms arise after the capsule endoscopy, such as worsening abdominal pain, bleeding, or fever.

Like any other test, a small bowel capsule endoscopy is not flawless. There is a slight, acknowledged risk that issues, such as malignancies, could be missed during the exam. It is essential to continue to follow up with your GI physician in Denver, CO as directed and update with any ongoing or new symptoms.

To some degree, the alternatives to the capsule endoscopy procedure at Colorado Gastroenterology in Denver, CO will rely upon the cause of needing a small bowel capsule endoscopy in the first place. In most instances, esophagogastroduodenoscopy is the ideal method for evaluating issues in the small bowel. However, an x-ray referred to as a small-bowel-follow-through can evaluate the small intestine instead. An enteroscopy procedure is another option for evaluating the upper part of the small bowel and can be recommended for therapy.

To undergo an examination of your small intestine in a noninvasive manner, reach out for an appointment at Colorado Gastroenterology. Capsule endoscopy in Denver, CO is just one of the methods in which our gastrointestinal physicians will do everything they can to make sure that your health is optimized throughout all seasons of life.

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