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Anal, or rectal, bleeding is any bleeding that is discharged from your anus. In the event of rectal bleeding, it is thought to be blood that is present in your sigmoid colon or anus, despite the fact that the anus comprises the lower part of the colon. This sort of bleeding is often bright red but can often show up as a deeper wine color. It might be found in the bowel movement, after you wipe with toilet tissue, or in the toilet. In the event that you’ve had bleeding from your anus, our gastrointestinal physicians at Colorado Gastroenterology can help. Our physicians can diagnose the condition and help relieve it. Please reach out to our GI facility in Denver, CO today.

Bleeding from the rectum can occur as a result of a number of health problems. If you’ve had rectal bleeding and do not know the cause, it is vital that you schedule an appointment to see a GI doctor. Several prevalent causes of anal bleeding could be:

  • Dry bowel movements

  • Diverticular disease (a bulging sac formed in the gastrointestinal wall)

  • Fewer bowel movements than normal

  • An anal ulcer (a small split in the tissue that lines the tube at the end of the rectum)

  • Intestinal growths

  • Hemorrhoids

Our staff commonly sees patients with rectal bleeding in Denver, CO, and will work to appropriately address the cause of the problem. We recognize how unpleasant this condition can be, and we will do everything we can to make sure the solution is found as quickly as possible.

Bleeding from the rectum is often approached in stages according to the situation. For bleeding due to problems like an anal fissure or hemorrhoids, you could be advised to use topical ointments or suppositories. For more severe anal bleeding, it is possible that you may require IV fluids or donated blood for dire blood loss. However, it is vital to set up an appointment at Colorado Gastroenterology so that you can find your ideal treatment.

Treat anal bleeding by requesting a consultation at our Denver, CO location today. The experienced staff of gastrointestinal specialists will offer the care required to help relieve your gastrointestinal issue. Reach out to Colorado Gastroenterology now to get started.

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My experience with Dr. Rufner was incredible. He listened to my concerns and was very informative and polite. Will definitely be back here if I have any additional gastro issues!

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