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Nausea is usually described as an uneasy, queasy sensation in the abdomen or stomach. It is a sensation that makes you think you will throw up and can be a frequent indicator of several issues. This feeling may develop because of an undetected medical condition, food poisoning, or may result from bacterial infections or viruses.

Our experienced doctors at Colorado Gastroenterology can partner with you to reduce your nausea and alleviate your symptoms by targeting the source of your nausea. You deserve a lifestyle free from the discomfort of nausea while enjoying good digestive health. Allow our GI doctors in Denver, CO to help elevate your vitality, wellness, and quality of life with a personalized nausea treatment plan.

When you’re experiencing nausea, it is crucial to discover the underlying cause. A comprehensive assessment and a blood screening are typically conducted as the initial stages in finding out the reason you have been dealing with nausea. Other diagnostic testing and treatments might be needed. If you would like additional details on how our specialists can assist you, set up a consultation at Colorado Gastroenterology now.

In the event that your nausea has been occurring for more than a full day, it is vital to set up a consultation to allow the root source of the nausea to be detected. Seeking treatment to alleviate nausea doesn't have to be hard. Whenever you schedule an appointment with our Denver, CO GI physicians, we ensure that your experience with us goes seamlessly. Get in touch with our office to find out more regarding the ways we can help you.

When your nausea has become too much to address without assistance, reach out to our staff of board-certified GI physicians at Colorado Gastroenterology. They routinely address nausea in Denver, CO individuals and have the training and the skills required to allow you to get back to a healthier version of yourself. Arrange for an appointment today to get back to having a calm, happy stomach.

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Excellent and informative tele-health appointment on July 15 with Dr. Rufner, who is always personable and who gets to the nub of the matter and explains clearly whatever action is next required. Inspires confidence. A+

M.S. Google

I have been a patient of Dr. Kevin Rufner with Colorado Gastroenterology for many years, and it has always been a positive experience. Dr. Rufner is a kind and caring human being who really listens to his patients. He never makes me feel rushed or hurried, gives me up-to-date information about my health complaints, and always comes up with a complete plan of care for every issue. Additionally, his staff are friendly and supportive. I cannot recommend Dr. Rufner enough. He is an excellent doctor with an excellent staff.

C.N. Google

He was very professional and helpful

G.F. Google

Dr. Rufner listens and hears what the patient has to say. Then doctor and patient can come up with a solution. I've been seeing Dr. Rufner for several years and wouldn't consider seeing anyone else. He helped me through my recovery after colon cancer. I highly recommended Dr. Rufner.

L.A. Google

Dr. Kevin Rufner is very thorough, knowledgeable and excellent. I definitely recommend him. Thanks, Virginia

V.F. Google


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